What separates winners to mere competitors? – Drive and perseverance.

There are moments in our lives that we might experience trials and defeat, detours and unexpected shortcomings. We might be told many times that we can’t and have been doubted for many times; but will these life’s tenfold challenges define our ability to achieve greater success?

Even Edison failed a rough thousand times still kept his fate on realizing the concept of light bulb. He said that great success is built on failure, frustration, [and] even catastrophy. His determination and learned experience from error and the plus factor of not giving up led him to his victory –making the first light bulb.

We can take it as an examples but there are many more proofs in life that success is for those who persevere and never gave up – no matter how many times you fall into frustrations and failures, no matter how many times you’ve been doubted or criticized. At the end of the day, it is all about how you use these as learning opportunities and bounced back to track and keep on bettering yourself. Do not waste time brooding on your weaknesses and shortcomings, instead, optimize yourself and focus on your strengths and things that will make you the greatest on the field you are into.

It is delightful life has been designed this way –challenges always existing –teaching us to be goal-driven, persevering, and efficient even under pressure. What’s wonderful about life is that chances are always there for everyone, the way how we grasp on it will make the difference. How we motivate ourselves to get closer to our goal – our very own definition of success – can turn things favorable indeed.

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